Irish traditions - those under threat or already extinct? (97 Replies)

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Th 1916 Era: Things I don't understand (13 Replies)

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Ancient fragment of Homer found.

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Second world war cross border power interconnector (2 Replies)

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Can anyone read this? (1 Reply)

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IRA attacks on British targets during Civil War? (9 Replies)

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Names of roads in NI - were these changed? (1 Reply)

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History Book Bargains (8 Replies)

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Vladimir Lenin - Not a Socialist but an opportunistic member of the Intelligentsia (7 Replies)

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The shooting of George Adamson in Athlone, April 1922 (9 Replies)

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Robert M. Schoch on Joe Rogan podcast. (45 Replies)

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A History of the Volunteers / IRA in South Tipperary 1913 – 21. (2 Replies)

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"The Revolution Papers" (53 Replies)

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Looking for Family History: An Stad, 30 North Frederick Street (10 Replies)

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Help to identify structure. (4 Replies)

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Question about "The Big Fellow", Biography of Michael Collins by Frank O'Connor (1 Reply)

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Historian John Julius Norwich passes away (2 Replies)

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The Dublin Docker - O'Carroll & Bennett

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Private detectives in Ireland - 19th century (3 Replies)

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Halfpenny Bridge House Dublin (7 Replies)

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Mount Lucas House Near Daingen Offaly

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Defenestration of Prague - 1618 (2 Replies)

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Belcamp College, Malahide Road. (147 Replies)

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Your top ten most interesting/important world history topics? (3 Replies)

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GAA library/archive closed until further notice?

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