History as a mature subject. (5 Replies)

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Local World War I Books/Articles/Projects (12 Replies)

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Liam Lynch and the tightening of the Irish Civil War (8 Replies)

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Irish traditions - those under threat or already extinct? (56 Replies)

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Th 1916 Era: Things I don't understand (11 Replies)

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10th April 1923 - the death of Liam Lynch (1 Reply)

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Pimlico Dublin - Street Name and Area History (8 Replies)

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Forthcoming history-related events (16 Replies)

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Grandfathers service award (3 Replies)

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"Hell Or Connaught!" e-books (2 Replies)

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irishnewsarchive (2 Replies)

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New film BLACK 47 .. A Q - Why the Great Hunger amnesia? (28 Replies)

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Cossacks and their folk legends

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The Trial of Sir Roger Casement - 1960 TV Drama (5 Replies)

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Any castles/Abbeys etc in Ireland that have or once had descendants of the royal fami (16 Replies)

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Town/Street name changes over last few hundred years (30 Replies)

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10,000 medieval artifacts found in Oxford, UK (7 Replies)

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NI parade statistics, 1920-1998: where are they? (2 Replies)

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The Green & the Greasepaint -Ireland & Hollywood *Mod warning 1st page* (87 Replies)

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The urine wheel and uroscopy (1 Reply)

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Research for Radio Documentary about history of Dalymount Park

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Buckingham fire brigade

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History Book Bargains (6 Replies)

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Cold war book recommendations (1 Reply)

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Calling all amateur Easter 1916 Rising historians. (31 Replies)

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