New 26 Counties book (6 Replies)

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History Quiz! (1,234 Replies)

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Bernard Shaw House Open or Closed?

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D-Day Anniversary (1 Reply)

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1798 Claimants (1 Reply)

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IRA history (8 Replies)

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Round Towers (3 Replies)

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Historic directories

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List of Private Historical Homes Open Sect. 482 (2 Replies)

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Irish Cycling history & collecting (5 Replies)

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Destruction of heritage (70 Replies)

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2017 anniversaries (10 Replies)

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The Tricolour- Thomas Francis Meagher or Edward Hollywood (4 Replies)

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Titanic 105 yrs ago Today

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Help a nosey person please (5 Replies)

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Irish Counties War Hospital, Glasnevin.

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General Gordon in Ireland (2 Replies)

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The Schools’ Collection (3 Replies)

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