Norman arrows. (12 Replies)

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A question about land (4 Replies)

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Irish sea war incidents at end of ww1 (1 Reply)

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Liam Mellows and the planning for the Easter Rising in Galway (1 Reply)

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Liam Mellows and the Easter Rising in Galway (1 Reply)

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Where to find an old newspaper (1 Reply)

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Collins vs De Valera (101 Replies)

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Identify this Celtic cross? (5 Replies)

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Defenestration of Prague - 1618 (10 Replies)

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Books about Nationalist Women during the Troubles? (7 Replies)

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An "all-wise providence" (11 Replies)

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New film BLACK 47 .. A Q - Why the Great Hunger amnesia? (32 Replies)

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Old Agricultural Socity (2 Replies)

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Leana mo chroi's dog (just like) (7 Replies)

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books on the troubles (21 Replies)

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History Today Article - Female spies in War of Independence (4 Replies)

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Ireland's first disaster - Dromcollogher Cinema Fire 80th Anniversary (15 Replies)

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Irish traditions - those under threat or already extinct? (116 Replies)

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Blemmyes: The Headless Men of Ancient and Medieval Mythology (1 Reply)

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Ancient fragment of Homer found. (2 Replies)

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Flight of the Earls (1 Reply)

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Pub and Inn signs Ireland (5 Replies)

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Water well (2 Replies)

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Information on mountjoy prison 1900s (5 Replies)

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The tradition of keening at funerals (11 Replies)

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