Catholic Irish Civil Rights Movement? (10 Replies)

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Why do British Media and Elite insist on the 'melting pot' narrative (9 Replies)

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The Northern Ireland Troubles and the Irish War of Indepedence (27 Replies)

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Name Variations John-James??? (7 Replies)

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Books on the French revolution (5 Replies)

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2018 Anniversaries (3 Replies)

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Planters surnames? (56 Replies)

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[CLOSED] British History in Irish Schools (56 Replies)

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On this day.. (3 Replies)

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Researching Old Companies (1 Reply)

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Help in finding a 1911 household (5 Replies)

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History Books of the year (2 Replies)

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A Missing Murder (3 Replies)

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"The Revolution Papers" (51 Replies)

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Atlas of the Irish Revolution (4 Replies)

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MarĂº - An Officer's Downfall - Murder at Mespil Road, Dublin - 1934 *please help me* (14 Replies)

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Liam Lynch at the start of the Irish Civil War (1 Reply)

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Martinville Nursing home, 23 Corrig Avenue, Dun Laoghaire ? (1 Reply)

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Slieve Aughty (2 Replies)

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Norman surnames (34 Replies)

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Border Change (6 Replies)

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Liam Lynch the (would be) negotiator, 1922 (1 Reply)

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Question re workhouses (13 Replies)

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