History Quiz! (1,150 Replies)

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The Tricolour- Thomas Francis Meagher or Edward Hollywood (4 Replies)

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Collier the Robber (16 Replies)

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Titanic 105 yrs ago Today

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Help a nosey person please (5 Replies)

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Irish Counties War Hospital, Glasnevin.

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General Gordon in Ireland (2 Replies)

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The Schools’ Collection (3 Replies)

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visiting Poland in July (14 Replies)

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Limerick 1691 (2 Replies)

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19th Medieval Dublin Symposium (3 Replies)

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Bás Beatha (18 Replies)

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Old schooner (1 Reply)

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Irish historical researches

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Count Plunkett: esteemed scholar, failed politician, rebel emissary to the pope

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1916 (30 Replies)

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Martinville Nursing home, 23 Corrig Avenue, Dun Laoghaire ?

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photo archives? (6 Replies)

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2017 anniversaries (8 Replies)

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Good Book On Ireland c.1700-c.1900 (3 Replies)

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Old Dublin Society event

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Question about Dublin bus. (4 Replies)

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Family name history (8 Replies)

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Historical News : New Moderator (3 Replies)

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The Months Mind (2 Replies)

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