The "What is this Irish word/phrase in English" thread (317 Replies)

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Cúrsaí teanga do dhaoine fásta sa Ghaeltacht (1 Reply)

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Dublin Midweek Irish Classes (1 Reply)

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Gaschaint (7 Replies)

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I cannot post Irish words. (20 Replies)

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An bhfuil cúpla focail agat? (36 Replies)

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cneasaí (2 Replies)

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Book recommendations for beginners (5 Replies)

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How to pronounce old Irish word Solus? (8 Replies)

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Irish pronunciation? (16 Replies)

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Irish audio book or podcast aimed at intermediate speakers/learners (8 Replies)

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Drivers Licence with Irish Name (2 Replies)

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Ar dheis Dé... (6 Replies)

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Irish Baby Names (6 Replies)

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"Likewise ' as Gaeilge ? (3 Replies)

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The Learning Irish/General Queries Thread. (106 Replies)

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What does scilléan mean? (7 Replies)

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English version of surname 'Ni Bheolain'? (5 Replies)

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Looking for a translation to Irish for a friend please. (4 Replies)

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Where to holiday with Gaelscoil children (1 Reply)

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Úrchúrsa Gaeilge Eagrán Leasaithe : Freagraí (6 Replies)

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Gile na gile le Aodhagán Ó Rathaille (4 Replies)

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Translation from English (17 Replies)

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Conversation Circles (10 Replies)

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Anywhere to improve writing in Irish?

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