Book on Connacht Irish

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I'll bring her some in (7 Replies)

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Help with apology (1 Reply)

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A short but urgent Gaeilge Survey!

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Suirbhé ón Rúis!

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Learning Irish Officially & Part-Time (2 Replies)

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Enya (ceoltóir/singer) (1 Reply)

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Death Certificate (2 Replies)

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Cá bhfuil/raibh? (Áth Cliath) (7 Replies)

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Help! Name spelling (1 Reply)

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what does the irish word trintean (2 Replies)

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Etymology of 'linen' (1 Reply)

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"Warrior Queen" in Irish? (4 Replies)

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The Learning Irish/General Queries Thread. (81 Replies)

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Is it mo bhéal or mo béal? (4 Replies)

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Pronounce Órla (1 Reply)

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Nativlang - Irish Words Can Mutate! (YouTube)

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Wedding Toasts in Irish (2 Replies)

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Where to learn Irish and be part of a community? (8 Replies)

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Irish Baby Names (4 Replies)

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Litrigh an ainm seo (3 Replies)

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Question (10 Replies)

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Translation Help? (English>Irish) (5 Replies)

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Ó Riagáin, Ó Ríogáin or O Riegaine? (10 Replies)

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[CLOSED] Please take part in this Irish language study! (7 Replies)

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