ach álainn- is this correct Irish? (2 Replies)

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Learning Irish (2 Replies)

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Gaeilge: Cad tá i ndán di? (3 Replies)

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Titles of healthcare professionals (2 Replies)

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Old Irish poem - Lura bog, lara bog? (2 Replies)

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Correct Translation (7 Replies)

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SONG : What a wonderul world - words in Irish (2 Replies)

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Offically changing over to using your name in Irish (7 Replies)

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Deirim or Deareann me? (38 Replies)

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Learning resources (1 Reply)

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Gaeltacht Recommendation for primary school student

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Colaiste Laichtin Experiences (1 Reply)

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Séimhiú - how to (10 Replies)

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Addresses in Northern Ireland with fadas (16 Replies)

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Irish lullaby

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Help with grammar (A rúnsearc ) include name? (7 Replies)

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learning the dual

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Urú na gealaí 27 Iúl 2018 (1 Reply)

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Help me translate a GNIB card. (3 Replies)

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Pronunciation Help (4 Replies)

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Irish book from 1925 (3 Replies)

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