[CLOSED] Please take part in this Irish language study! (7 Replies)

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Help with pronounciation please. (4 Replies)

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Where to learn Irish and be part of a community? (7 Replies)

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Tràth na gCeist (8 Replies)

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Irish being shoved down people's throats (59 Replies)

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Translation Help? (English>Irish) (2 Replies)

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Gaeilge san obair (5 Replies)

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Téann v. Imigh (1 Reply)

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Ó Riagáin, Ó Ríogáin or O Riegaine? (9 Replies)

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Móinín na gCiseach meaning? (6 Replies)

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Where would I find a grind? (5 Replies)

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Which Gaelteacht for adults? (1 Reply)

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North Kerry Speakers?

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Clannad song Harry's Game (8 Replies)

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Baby name (14 Replies)

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Gaschaint (4 Replies)

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Bronntanais Nollaig (4 Replies)

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Help grammer irish teaching? (26 Replies)

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Pronunciation of 'Fionn' (10 Replies)

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Looking for short films online (3 Replies)

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Irish Assessment (4 Replies)

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"Feicfidh mé thú amárach" (6 Replies)

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Cén aois thú? (6 Replies)

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Tattoo translation please (9 Replies)

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Grinds (2 Replies)

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