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Wrinkly eye.

Last post 07-May-2017 10:57 by JackieChang
Started by JackieChang

Where can I buy a Photography Prism!? (1 Reply)

Last post 05-May-2017 14:10 by DaireQuinlan
Started by mrac121

Metering malfunction detected (2 Replies)

Last post 04-May-2017 17:43 by Rod Munch
Started by Rod Munch

Screen calibration with a Spyder 3 (8 Replies)

Last post 02-May-2017 23:19 by Jaguar240
Started by Jaguar240

POTW 358: 25/3/17 - 31/3/17 (2 Replies)

Last post 30-Apr-2017 14:01 by firemansam4
Started by Myksyk

portrait photography contract, or general photographic services contract template (3 Replies)

Last post 29-Apr-2017 01:16 by Heebie
Started by Aibo

My photos being sold by news agency (1 Reply)

Last post 27-Apr-2017 14:28 by dtipp
Started by Danbo!

Photo mounts (5 Replies)

Last post 26-Apr-2017 00:20 by homerhop
Started by homerhop

Steel Wool Photography (54 Replies)

Last post 23-Apr-2017 10:46 by evolutionqy7
Started by Zascar

POTW 357: 18/3/17 - 24/3/17

Last post 21-Apr-2017 21:57 by Myksyk
Started by Myksyk

Wheres your favorite location in Ireland for photography? (15 Replies)

Last post 18-Apr-2017 10:27 by tatranska
Started by Nebaw

POTW 356: 11/3/17 - 17/3/17 (3 Replies)

Last post 17-Apr-2017 21:51 by sunny2004
Started by Myksyk

Recommended iPhone 6S lenses for a festival?

Last post 15-Apr-2017 23:45 by airsofter.adam
Started by airsofter.adam

Do you have camera insurance? (1 Reply)

Last post 12-Apr-2017 17:14 by Balfey1972
Started by Sheeps

Cheap film development by Dave in Coolock (2 Replies)

Last post 11-Apr-2017 09:14 by DoNotBeckon
Started by DoNotBeckon

Custom Framing in Cork City (6 Replies)

Last post 10-Apr-2017 17:08 by will.in.cork
Started by will.in.cork

POTW 355: 4/3/17 - 10/3/17 (1 Reply)

Last post 09-Apr-2017 21:34 by firemansam4
Started by Myksyk

Floods in Australia (5 Replies)

Last post 08-Apr-2017 12:31 by CabanSail
Started by CabanSail

Photoshop yes or no? (35 Replies)

Last post 05-Apr-2017 23:37 by Adrian.Sadlier
Started by harr

Amateur photographer and part time photography (24 Replies)

Last post 04-Apr-2017 21:01 by DaireQuinlan
Started by sup_dude

Anyone been to the Lake District? (5 Replies)

Last post 04-Apr-2017 09:08 by OldGoat
Started by OldGoat

POTW 354: 25/2/17 - 3/3/17 (4 Replies)

Last post 02-Apr-2017 20:08 by keps
Started by Myksyk

Criticism and advice please? Help me learn. (8 Replies)

Last post 01-Apr-2017 11:20 by CelticRambler
Started by session savage

Starting from scratch (6 Replies)

Last post 30-Mar-2017 20:24 by harr
Started by deadybai

Battery worry (8 Replies)

Last post 30-Mar-2017 10:33 by flyingsnail
Started by Isambard