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Random Film Photography thread (426 Replies)

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POTW 425: 7/7/18 - 13/7/18 (2 Replies)

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Old head of Kinsale lighthouse (13 Replies)

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Beginners photography (8 Replies)

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POTW 424: 30/6/18 - 6/7/18 (4 Replies)

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Scanning Photos for a Slide Show (1 Reply)

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Photoshopping Service Cork (4 Replies)

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Commissioned to shoot a pub interior with customers in it, do I need a signed release (10 Replies)

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Selling stock photography (5 Replies)

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Fake ice cubes for food pics. Where to get in Ireland?

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dSLR-dashboard for dummies (tether your dSLR) (6 Replies)

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POTW 423: 23/6/18 - 29/6/18 (3 Replies)

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Some fine photos from tour de France

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Data Recovery - Mac (6 Replies)

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Pics on social media from holiday resort (17 Replies)

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Taking photos of signage (7 Replies)

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Solo Photography Trip to Wales

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Wildlife Camera Refuses to Work (4 Replies)

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POTW 422: 16/6/18 - 22/6/18 (3 Replies)

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Too late to develop film? (17 Replies)

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Recommend framer & printer in Dublin center or north (7 Replies)

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"Professional" Video & Photography (17 Replies)

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Gurushots (1 Reply)

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