Norwegians and their accents (3 Replies)

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Wolves in Norway

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Norwegian drama The Saboteurs on More4

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Sjätte juni!

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Norwegian on Duolingo (2 Replies)

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Ny moderator - Lady Chuckles (8 Replies)

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Syttende mai! (3 Replies)

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Nordic memes (7 Replies)

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Swedish due on Duolingo (2 Replies)

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News in simple Swedish? (5 Replies)

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Top three - Nordic food (68 Replies)

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The nordic skiing thread (5 Replies)

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Oh Sweden, how they laugh at you! (4 Replies)

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Swedish Literature (17 Replies)

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Svenska Dialektmysterier

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I think its time for some... (1 Reply)

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Swedish lessons in Cork

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High terrorist alert in Norway (8 Replies)

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'Literature goes online for free in Norway' (1 Reply)

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Books in/on Icelandic (1 Reply)

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Swedish on Babbel (10 Replies)

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A Swede and a Finn walk into the GPO (in 1916)...

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25 Reasons Norway Is The Greatest Place On Earth (58 Replies)

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Nordic homebrew

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Studying in Sweden (12 Replies)

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