Boilerhouse legal age (42 Replies)

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Happy Lesbian Visibility Day!

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People think I'm a lesbian- and I'm not (14 Replies)

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As a lesbian would you go out with a bisexual girl? (12 Replies)

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Time to bring PreP to Ireland? (9 Replies)

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Are Crabs something to worry about (4 Replies)

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Protest/ Demonstration: Russian Embassy April 20th (6 Replies)

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Who Makes You Drool? NO QUOTING PICS (1,386 Replies)

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Forum meet up Mid May (30 Replies)

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Saunas and Shame (1 Reply)

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Still questioning and it's getting me down (5 Replies)

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Outhouse course (1 Reply)

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RuPaul's Drag Race (1,101 Replies)

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GLEN Scandal (11 Replies)

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NI Marriage Equality - Needs to be an election issue for the DUP. Not just petitions. (27 Replies)

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Recognised Legal Genders in Ireland (4 Replies)

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Fundraising support for LINC

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Too young for the Boilerhouse? (13 Replies)

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Gogglebox Ireland (8 Replies)

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[CLOSED] New video about Trevor Deely (4 Replies)

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Femme invisibility (20 Replies)

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Lesbian Family Moving to Ireland (Ennis, most likely) (15 Replies)

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looking for gay friends in thurles area (7 Replies)

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An obsessive crush on a totally unsuitable woman friend (3 Replies)

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The Only Gay in the Office (33 Replies)

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