The Wind in the Willows tv series (2 Replies)

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Pope John Paul 2 in Ireland - did the popemobile travel down Griffith avenue in Dubli (9 Replies)

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Some Mothers do 'ave 'em (8 Replies)

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The Famouus Five (41 Replies)

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Christmas TV Listings from the Past (3 Replies)

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The Sound Cellar, Nassau Street (7 Replies)

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O'Gorman's People

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The New Adventures of Zorro

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Remington Steele (1 Reply)

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Poitin (the drink) (7 Replies)

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When did shower gel replace soap (in Ireland)? (33 Replies)

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1980,s Chinese restaurants south Dublin (6 Replies)

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Statuettes with question marks. (72 Replies)

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Woody costume

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Challenging Times (12 Replies)

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Catweazle (6 Replies)

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Dubbed 80's series. Dracula and guy making bombs. (1 Reply)

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Murphy's Australia (1 Reply)

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Bring 'em Back Alive (4 Replies)

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Television Club, Harcourt Street, photos? (19 Replies)

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Info on Irish Adventures of Worzel Gummidge (cancelled TV series) (1 Reply)

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1970/6s sound effects

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Evening Extra with Shay Healy.

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Day Of The Triffids. (12 Replies)

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Mini Coconut tarts (2 Replies)

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