The Jimbo Slice memorial thread, feat Nate Dogg - The new Off Topic thread (2,398 Replies)

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Where in Dublin or online to buy 0.5KG 2" plates? (2 Replies)

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andrew beatty fitness (5 Replies)

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Annoying Gym Behaviour - Mk2(?) (2,266 Replies)

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Folding bench/rack (7 Replies)

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Tight hip and glute - Recommendations for treatment? (3 Replies)

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Gym with reverse hyper machine (5 Replies)

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The Daily Achievement Thread... (4,241 Replies)

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What if an active person goes inactive for a couple of days (7 Replies)

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Carlisle/ Northwood/ Crunch/ Other Gym Membership Offers Go Here (3,288 Replies)

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Osteitis Pubis (4 Replies)

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Help - Looking to buy a Small / Mini Treadmill (8 Replies)

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Gym - minimum term of 12 months. (15 Replies)

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Help! Compartment syndrome who was your surgeon? where did you get test? (5 Replies)

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Air Bike Opinions (15 Replies)

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Good gyms for non-members (2 Replies)

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Energie Fitness Smithfield (2 Replies)

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indoor cycling bike? (14 Replies)

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Toning up my stomach but have lost my waistline! (35 Replies)

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Physios that do PT (2 Replies)

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Where to buy dumbbell sets? (4 Replies)

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Want a simple program to get stronger? (237 Replies)

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3 x 20,000sqft new gyms in Dublin (36 Replies)

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Exercise plan for upper chest (1 Reply)

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Personal Trainer Dublin S&C (4 Replies)

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