clown School (6 Replies)

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Amature Drama. (14 Replies)

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Musical Improv Training in Dublin! (2 Replies)

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The Gate Theatre Season One: The Outsider

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Freestyle street dance Wexford town

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King Charles III (2 Replies)

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Bord Gais Theatre Seating Help (30 Replies)

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Cork Midsummer: seeking mothers & daughters

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Fake moustache

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Talent competitions

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over lapping dialouge (1 Reply)

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Homegrown vs touring productions.

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Advertise your Workshops In This Thread! (On Approval from the Mods) (23 Replies)

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Returning/Cancelling Harry Potter tickets (1 Reply)

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searching for Theater groups in Dublin (2 Replies)

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Dance practice partner needed

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Looking for collaborative opportunities with local dancers

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Venue for performance readings (1 Reply)

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Tigger costume

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Actors agents & advice (4 Replies)

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searching for Theater groups

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Adult Dance Lessons

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Ballet classes for a 4 year old in Galway (1 Reply)

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Bboy/Bgirl sessions (Breakdance) at Portlaoise Parish Center

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Anyone remember-Desmond Domican ? (9 Replies)

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