The Last Ship [TNT - US] (380 Replies)

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Should TG4 be prohibited from showing English language shows (18 Replies)

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Howards End - US-Pace- Starz (**Spoilers**)

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Marvel’s Iron Fist - Netflix (122 Replies)

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Knightfall - History Channel (9 Replies)

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Sports Night (6 Replies)

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Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath -US pace- A&E (87 Replies)

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House of Cards (US Version) (916 Replies)

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Late Late Toy Show 2017 (1,449 Replies)

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The Ranch.. Netflix (25 Replies)

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Will & Grace Revival (NBC) (23 Replies)

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Wormwood - Netflix Original (**Spoilers**)

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The West Wing (952 Replies)

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Once Upon A Time (ABC) [** Spoilers **] (1,082 Replies)

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Snowfall (9 Replies)

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Ray Donovan [Showtime] [** Spoilers **] (458 Replies)

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Wentworth [Soho - AU] (88 Replies)

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The Ray Darcy Toyless Pointless Show December 2nd 9.55pm (97 Replies)

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Mindhunter or Mr Mercedes (8 Replies)

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Love/Hate Collectors' Edition (2 Replies)

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[CLOSED] Futureman [Hulu] (1 Reply)

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Crisis on Earth-X (Arrowverse Crossover) [** Spoilers **] (35 Replies)

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This Crowded House on RTE (23 Replies)

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Ghosted --Fox-US Pace (***Spoilers***) (8 Replies)

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Bridget & Eamon (2 Replies)

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