Japanese Books for Leaving Cert (4 Replies)

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JLPT Dec 2015 (1 Reply)

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A little help translating (3 Replies)

Japanese in secondary schools (7 Replies)

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[CLOSED] Japanese lessons CHEAP (1 Reply)

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Offering Japanese lessons/grinds? Post here! (8 Replies)

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LC Classes in Dublin (9 Replies)

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Help with translation (17 Replies)

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Kanji Translation Help (1 Reply)

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Help with transative/intransative verbs? (7 Replies)

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Japanese Oral for the LC

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Translating Japanese (2 Replies)

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Japanese tutor (4 Replies)

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Tshirt translation (5 Replies)

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Japanese teacher in/near Tralee, Co. Kerry (4 Replies)

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2015 Japanese Language Speech Contest

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Interested in Japanese for JC/LC or GCSE/ALevel (2 Replies)

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Japanese speaker in Mayo?

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What's this type of restaurant called? (3 Replies)

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Japanese Qualification (3 Replies)

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JLPT application form help

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Following on from LC Japanese (3 Replies)

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Great Language/Japanese Learning Websites

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JLPT application form help (2 Replies)

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Japanese Dictionary for Leaving Cert (8 Replies)

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