3 girls in a lift... (2 Replies)

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Limerick court case of lad urinating on treaty stone

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Funniest School Stories (25 Replies)

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Peter Kay cancelled?

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Kerry Prostitute (15 Replies)

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pat shortt

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Fishing !!! (1 Reply)

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Replace "Atari Jaguar" phrase with "Atari box"

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Climate Change (2 Replies)

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Plumber joke (2 Replies)

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Free Oranges

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Chop a county

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Blackadder Ltn Sqn Massingbird.

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Kinky Germin Sex (2 Replies)

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Local Shop (1 Reply)

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Buyer Beware

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Little Builders (3 Replies)

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Planet of the Apes (6 Replies)

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What funny/incorrect ideas did you have about the world when you were a kid? (57 Replies)

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Funnies (7 Replies)

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Your WWN/satirical news headline here (13 Replies)

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Tricked. (8 Replies)

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Seen on the back of a van! (3 Replies)

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