Buyer Beware

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Little Builders (3 Replies)

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Planet of the Apes (6 Replies)

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What funny/incorrect ideas did you have about the world when you were a kid? (57 Replies)

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Funnies (7 Replies)

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Your WWN/satirical news headline here (13 Replies)

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Tricked. (8 Replies)

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Seen on the back of a van! (3 Replies)

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Gazza (what a guy) (10 Replies)

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Funniest School Stories (23 Replies)

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Pet peves of stand up comedians (3 Replies)

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Killarney (4 Replies)

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Gardai in Coolock (1 Reply)

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Gypsies (6 Replies)

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Mark Thomas (2 Replies)

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The Toilet Game - describe your last visit to the toilet using the name of a film. (214 Replies)

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How did they know lord mountbatten had dandruff (1 Reply)

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Patrick Stewart Country and Western

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Dublin sitcom

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Graduation Jokes

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Funny things you heard

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Sales call hell

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The creator of predictive text dies...... (3 Replies)

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