Pub in Dublin with German style glasses

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Any German Speakers looking for full time work?

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German Equivalent of (3 Replies)

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Invoice assistance (2 Replies)

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need help with german pronunciation (2 Replies)

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Currywurst in Dublin (2 Replies)

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Meetup Group, to speak German (15 Replies)

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Was hast du Heute gelernt? (11 Replies)

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Good Learn German App (2 Replies)

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Urlaub in Österreich (13 Replies)

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any good online German sites for grammer etc? (2 Replies)

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wo kann ich neue deutsche freunde kennenlernen auf dem net?! (9 Replies)

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Looking for German translation (native speaker) (1 Reply)

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Who's in Germany or planning to come over? (217 Replies)

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List of German Weak Verbs (2 Replies)

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Could anyone recommend a place to take German evening courses in Dublin? (2 Replies)

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Erbsenmehl Kuchen = Richard Wagner? (1 Reply)

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German course (3 Replies)

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German playgroup coffee catch up (2 Replies)

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Hamburg (4 Replies)

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Could someone help me with a translation into German? (4 Replies)

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Lads weekend in Cologne (1 Reply)

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Tour Guide Training Course. (2 Replies)

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Criticize my german please?

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