A Poem a day keeps the melancholy away (987 Replies)

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Harry Potter at 20, did JKR save reading? (10 Replies)

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Book recommendations for a non-reader (1 Reply)

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How the irish invented slang (17 Replies)

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Cheap second hand book shops? (9 Replies)

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do yo know name of this book (2 Replies)

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Vampire book (1 Reply)

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ISBN codes (2 Replies)

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Ender's Game (12 Replies)

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I done a book about Cork.

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What's the most famous book set in each County of Ireland? (38 Replies)

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Irish famine book-- fiction - help me find the title!!

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Reading Club (492 Replies)

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reading books with your kids

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Non-scary, non-violent young teen book recommendations? (15 Replies)

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Jodi picoult

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New Zine: a vent zine (poetry & art)

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The Dark Tower (53 Replies)

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