Would your partner's political views affect your relationship? (11 Replies)

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Who has been the best Taoiseach? (17 Replies)

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Is social housing really possible 10yrs after the bailout? (9 Replies)

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Could Ireland ever become non-viable for working people? (13 Replies)

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did you notice inflation rising much since the crash?

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United People, It's Time For Ruddy Change! (784 Replies)

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Britain thinks we're making too much fuss about the peace process (38 Replies)

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Jeremy Corbyn and 'anti-semitism' (68 Replies)

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Bullying allegations in Sinn Fein (again)! (488 Replies)

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Gerry Adams for President? (97 Replies)

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I think I'm going over to the dark side... (41 Replies)

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Is a vote for AAA PBP really just a protest vote? (40 Replies)

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Why is Leo lying to Cervical Check sufferers? (13 Replies)

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Micky d is looking for second term as prez (119 Replies)

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The Granny Grant... (18 Replies)

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Will Gibraltar have a stronger economy as a result of Brexit? (3 Replies)

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Gavin Duffy, O'Brien + Indo (4 Replies)

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Can we have a 1 thread Presidential Campaign Thread?

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Alan Shatter destroys Shane Ross (8 Replies)

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Bye Bye Boris (49 Replies)

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Alan Shatter for President (15 Replies)

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Cllr Brian Murphy an Irish Politician with real vision (53 Replies)

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New Italian government tells migrants to pack their bags (154 Replies)

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Fianna Fail is the 1983 Ford Cortina parked among the hybrids (19 Replies)

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"Austerity doesn't work" (97 Replies)

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