Indiana Jones Trilogy releasing to DVD (25 Replies)

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Matrix rev trailer

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What happened to "The Sin Eater"? (13 Replies)

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Colins Geansai

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Matrix:Architec, ruined film,almost! (45 Replies)

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[CLOSED] Dissertation Stuff (1 Reply)

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Once Upon a Time in Mexico (22 Replies)

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Free screening of Requiem for a Dream tonight! (9 Replies)

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Top 5 Suspense/Horror/Thriller flicks? (47 Replies)

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Down With Love (5 Replies)

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New Lord of the rings ROTK trailer (3 Replies)

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Film censorship in Ireland (25 Replies)

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nice one stella! (1 Reply)

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Steve Martin to play Clouseau? (9 Replies)

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Lost in Translation (2 Replies)

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Where to get Film posters (1 Reply)

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Natural Born Killers (6 Replies)

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Zero Hour For MATRIX REVOLUTIONS (8 Replies)

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Advent Children (5 Replies)

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Bruce Cambell (30 Replies)

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Two sketch movies Im looking for (3 Replies)

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Release Dates (1 Reply)

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12 Monkeys (5 Replies)

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Hitchhikers Guide: Da Movie (6 Replies)

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Japanese Cinema - Know any good flix? (23 Replies)

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