King Arthur (2004) (19 Replies)

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Film Reviews (2 Replies)

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Another "Name this film" thread....

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Name this Film? (6 Replies)

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Whale Rider! (2 Replies)

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The Ultimate Baddie (24 Replies)

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Films you can watch over and over, and still enjoy. (82 Replies)

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Name this film.... (9 Replies)

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Bad Boys II

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Pirates of the Caribbian

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Good (and Bad) CGI? (44 Replies)

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Films you loved as a kid (but think are terrible now.) (3 Replies)

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its a wonderful life (4 Replies)

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Good Movie Trailer Sites (6 Replies)

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Deus Ex in movie adaption shocker!!! (15 Replies)

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Bruce Almighty (33 Replies)

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Film of The 1990's which we thought were good but that our children will cringe at (25 Replies)

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Veronica Guerin (18 Replies)

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who is your fav angel i don't know the names of characters but i know the cast (45 Replies)

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this DVD will self destruct in.. 48 hours? (19 Replies)

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Old Star Wars documentaries? (3 Replies)

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once upon a time in mexico (3 Replies)

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Blues Brothers

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What film would you remake. (32 Replies)

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Old School. (16 Replies)

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