Film forum off topic/ random chat thread? (367 Replies)

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The Room (Yeah that one) (15 Replies)

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Blade Runner 2049 (154 Replies)

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RIP George A Romero (15 Replies)

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Screen Unseen (75 Replies)

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Darkest Hour (Joe Wright) (1 Reply)

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Barry Norman has died (19 Replies)

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Thor: Ragnarok (56 Replies)

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Brimstone (2 Replies)

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Churchill (2017) (12 Replies)

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England Is Mine (Morrissey Biopic) (1 Reply)

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Toy Story 4 (8 Replies)

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Mary Poppins Returns (Sequel) (9 Replies)

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Ghost in the Shell-Live Action 2017 (68 Replies)

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Neill Blomkamp Shorts (12 Replies)

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Justice League *Megathread* (619 Replies)

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New solo Ben Affleck Batman movie (27 Replies)

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Sanctuary (Irish film) Released in Cinemas from 7th July (5 Replies)

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The Beguiled (Sofia Coppola) (10 Replies)

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Worst film trailer of all time? (19 Replies)

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Cameron back for Terminator? (44 Replies)

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DC cinematic universe general stuff (197 Replies)

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The Irishman (Martin Scorsese) (45 Replies)

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Scarface" Reboot (42 Replies)

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