How can we get supermarkets to change their habits? What would it take? (7 Replies)

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Bus poster (7 Replies)

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Naughen out - deposit return scheme in? (1 Reply)

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RTE Investigates - Ireland's Wild Waste (30 Replies)

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What happens to mixed materials in recycling? (15 Replies)

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We need to go back to landfill (2 Replies)

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Can plastic be recycled or not? (13 Replies)

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Wheelie Bin Pay-by-weight discussion thread (185 Replies)

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House Clearance (6 Replies)

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Bin Collection Excess Charge. (8 Replies)

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Fly tippers left evidence (38 Replies)

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Laptops/PCs (2 Replies)

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The issue with black plastic (9 Replies)

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Recycling & Waste Disposal - arrgh! (12 Replies)

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Thorntons Referral Code

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Just when I thought that things couldn't get any worse! (2 Replies)

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Beaches left in an absolute STATE....why are we a filthy nation? (130 Replies)

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Any AES customers thought about switching in July?

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WEEE Public Collection days. (1 Reply)

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Best Refuse collection service - South Dublin Area (if applicable)

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consequenes of the new bin charges (24 Replies)

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Brita water filter cartridges (1 Reply)

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Complaining About Provider (City Bin Co)

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Fresh Produce Bags (3 Replies)

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Domestic Waste Services

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