Ballad Group Promoter Wanted (1 Reply)

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PA system (2 Replies)

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vocal coach wanted... (2 Replies)

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recording copyright (4 Replies)

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Rehearsal Room + Accommodation (15 Replies)

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Open Mic in Dublin - Wednesday night - CANCELLED (4 Replies)

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roadie required

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Are the majority of drummers technophobes? (40 Replies)

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98FM thread. (8 Replies)

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Do you drink alcohol before and/or during a gig ? (42 Replies)

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Any drogheda based bands want a support slot? (1 Reply)

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BBC2: I'm a Pop Star! (1 Reply)

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A bit of sound advice please? (6 Replies)

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People offering their services for hire. (7 Replies)

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Promotors, gigs or support slots in Dublin (5 Replies)

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Who are the best bloggers/ reviewers to send CD to? (4 Replies)

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Dublin based band available for a support slot

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Band Names how long did it take you to decide? (31 Replies)

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Guitarist/bassist looking to start ska/punk band (10 Replies)

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Whats Jim Carroll's Emails address??

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