Drummer needed Clare / Limerick area

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Musical scales (12 Replies)

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The advice for new bands thread (13 Replies)

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Musicians/artists of BCFE wanted

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RPM 2012 (1 Reply)

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Looking For Support Slots From May "12

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[CLOSED] Where to get gig posters designed? (Dublin) (16 Replies)

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Want to make a music video? (4 Replies)

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Support slot 27th April in Fibber mcGees (4 Replies)

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"Why Music Venues Are Totally Lost" (7 Replies)

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Trad Band Wanted for Paddy's day in South Africa!!

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Professional Musicians? (3 Replies)

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Bands and Musicians compilation Album/EP (35 Replies)

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Anyone know of any 1/2/3 piece bands in or around Waterford county? (4 Replies)

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Popularity contests (3 Replies)

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Live and Unsigned Dublin Comes To Tralee, need more bands!! (8 Replies)

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Cork Bands - Photography

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Background Music Songs

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Need band for Recording session in dublin (6 Replies)

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