Drummer wanted

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keyboard player-drogheda

Last post 28-Feb-2008 14:16 by woocush
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Help us pick a single (6 Replies)

Last post 28-Feb-2008 11:32 by ShriekingSheet
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Celtachor are looking for a bass player

Last post 28-Feb-2008 11:14 by davidquinn
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Mature Blues/Rock band forming

Last post 28-Feb-2008 09:03 by Starcatspider
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Rhythm / Lead / Bass guitarist available. Whatever's required. (6 Replies)

Last post 28-Feb-2008 01:06 by Lauragoesmad
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Jimmy Eat World Cover Band!!!

Last post 28-Feb-2008 00:11 by dankav
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Drums, Bass & Guitar or Synth needed (2 Replies)

Last post 27-Feb-2008 22:18 by AlltogetherNow
Started by Fusion251

Piano/keyboards player (2 Replies)

Last post 27-Feb-2008 20:50 by 10CCetc
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Flinders seeks BASS Player

Last post 27-Feb-2008 17:08 by flinders
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Flinders seeks Drummer

Last post 27-Feb-2008 17:06 by flinders
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Thinking Of Starting A Band In Kildare - Offaly

Last post 27-Feb-2008 16:52 by Ready to Rock
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Musicians Needed - Cork and County

Last post 27-Feb-2008 16:20 by Rusty Knight
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Hooray For Humans - recruiting members etc.. (12 Replies)

Last post 27-Feb-2008 15:47 by nsonline
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Depeche Mode cover band (11 Replies)

Last post 27-Feb-2008 10:18 by Dublin_Mode
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Guitarist wanted for top band (2 Replies)

Last post 26-Feb-2008 20:49 by Jelly 292
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Djinn seek Bass Player (1 Reply)

Last post 26-Feb-2008 17:17 by Djinn
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Drummer Needed For Cork City Based Band (1 Reply)

Last post 26-Feb-2008 15:43 by drumstick
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Any drummers in Wexford? (3 Replies)

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drummer wanted

Last post 26-Feb-2008 00:46 by prospekt
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drummer seeks musicians singers bass guitars keyboards (11 Replies)

Last post 25-Feb-2008 23:57 by remo2
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want to share rehersal room? (1 Reply)

Last post 25-Feb-2008 23:54 by remo2
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Drummer available (10 Replies)

Last post 25-Feb-2008 20:31 by glyder123
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Saxophone Lessons?? (2 Replies)

Last post 25-Feb-2008 20:25 by Bjoern
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Technical Drummer Wanted (Dublin)

Last post 25-Feb-2008 20:17 by shredgeorge
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