drummer seeks musicians singers bass guitars keyboards (11 Replies)

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want to share rehersal room? (1 Reply)

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Drummer available (10 Replies)

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Saxophone Lessons?? (2 Replies)

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Technical Drummer Wanted (Dublin)

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new wave band want bassist... (28 Replies)

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Looking for saxophone lessons?

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Funk & Rock band wanted (3 Replies)

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[CLOSED] Bass effects for sale (2 Replies)

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Seeking guitar teacher (4 Replies)

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Looking for like minded guitarist to start a four piece indie band

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Guitarist for top band wanted

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Looking for creative guitarist in Dublin (21 Replies)

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Songwriter seeks Colloborator(s) (14 Replies)

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Felmale Singer (Mayo/Galway)

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Band wanted

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what radio stations will play unsigned music besides phantom (2 Replies)

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seeking teen vocal/rythem

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Rhythm guitarist required!! (3 Replies)

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Drummer needed for band in Dublin (6 Replies)

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Drummer wanted for indie band (7 Replies)

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Best place for re carpeting speakers.

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bleu note thursday night (5 Replies)

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AUDITIONS 2DAY- Singer wanted (Dublin)

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Open Auditions for Female Vocalists in Dublin (7 Replies)

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