Bass Player Needed (1 Reply)

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Lead Guitarist Wanted (1 Reply)

Last post 18-Feb-2008 14:13 by garyf03
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Singer wanted (Dublin) (2 Replies)

Last post 18-Feb-2008 14:02 by Yap Stam
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Looking to set up punk band in Carlow/Kildare?

Last post 18-Feb-2008 11:13 by fluke
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Bass player required..... (3 Replies)

Last post 17-Feb-2008 22:30 by Leif Erikson
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singer seeking musicians to form band

Last post 17-Feb-2008 20:16 by dulli
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Day by day there's a man in a suit who's gona make you pay (1 Reply)

Last post 17-Feb-2008 19:41 by Yap Stam
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Frontman Wanted (1 Reply)

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Synth anyone? (1 Reply)

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marching bands required

Last post 17-Feb-2008 15:05 by meljam
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Singer Wanted (Dublin) - Auditions Sat. 23rd

Last post 16-Feb-2008 16:01 by Yap Stam
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Drummer Available (5 Replies)

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singer needed . (6 Replies)

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Are you really a drummer??? (1 Reply)

Last post 15-Feb-2008 23:05 by phil mc grane
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Drummer, bassist and rhythm guitarist wanted (3 Replies)

Last post 15-Feb-2008 22:29 by nij
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Singer Wanted for Ska Tribute - Paid Work, Gigs Booked (1 Reply)

Last post 15-Feb-2008 21:45 by deedal
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Bands and Musicians on (1 Reply)

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Drummer Needed for Dublin Based Band! (1 Reply)

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Drummer Wanted (4 Replies)

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Rehearsal Space... (5 Replies)

Last post 15-Feb-2008 17:30 by phil mc grane
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Singer Wanted (Dublin) - Auditions Sat. 23rd

Last post 15-Feb-2008 17:18 by Yap Stam
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Join the Bohemians band wagon (3 Replies)

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Need drum teacher (5 Replies)

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Guitarist/Vocalist required.

Last post 15-Feb-2008 13:19 by iant
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Singer (1 Reply)

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