Practices rooms in Dublin where is most convinent for Dublin bands (6 Replies)

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Starting to play for money. (4 Replies)

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The Choir Invisible - seeking gigs.

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Dublin indie /rock band lookin for gigs (10 Replies)

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Your thoughts/experience on equipment & software for live electronic music? (27 Replies)

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Under 18 gigs and competitons (1 Reply)

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Cheap band t-shirt printing...? (7 Replies)

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Help get your band's songs featured on the Popular social media game "SongPop" (1 Reply)

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Bass player wanted, original band Balbriggan )

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Any requests? (20 Replies)

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Guitar Lessons

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[CLOSED] Looking for a driver/help for European dates in November... (14 Replies)

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Modern String Quartets -- any out there? (4 Replies)

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Support Slot this Saturday, Mullingar. Original Band needed

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Gig rates (6 Replies)

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[CLOSED] Singer (4 Replies)

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Soundperson wanted (2 Replies)

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Photographer Available

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FREE Slots Available for OVER 18's in GALWAY Band Competition

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Amp Service?! (7 Replies)

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[CLOSED] Drummer Galway (4 Replies)

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Looking for a driver/mascot/help for European dates in November.... !

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Gig rates

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Anyone used mediashack? (2 Replies)

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