What to watch out for when buying a car

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Subaru BRZ (5 Replies)

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LUXOBARGE (sub5k) of the week/day (6,137 Replies)

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Expected discount for cash purchase (no trade in) (39 Replies)

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Mazda cx5 (5 Replies)

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Buying car, seller in Australia (15 Replies)

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Car sale - 08 Alfa 159 guide price (28 Replies)

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Audi A6 ultra S line BE 2015 FL - 20 inch alloys - ride comfort? (7 Replies)

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Petrol or diesel car? (64 Replies)

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New VW Polo GTI for 2018 (1 Reply)

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2006 E60 530D vs. Audi A8 3.0 Quattro (13 Replies)

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Nissan NV200 (1 Reply)

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2010 Seat Leon 1.4TSI 125 BHP

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Thoughts on 1.6 Diesel Volvo S40 (6 Replies)

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Ford Kuga thoughts? (33 Replies)

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How many previous owners is to many? (9 Replies)

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Buying for more efficiency (12 Replies)

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Skoda Kodiaq delivery dates (6 Replies)

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Seat Altea XL (14 Replies)

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Buying an ex lease car without FSH. Wrong? (3 Replies)

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New petrol car ~150bhp (111 Replies)

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Car hire instead of buying (17 Replies)

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Scrappage deal terms & conditions (1 Reply)

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New car advice (6 Replies)

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Buying a small SUV - advice please (5 Replies)

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[CLOSED] Motors (7 Replies)

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