Digging out stumps...

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Trembling Poplars (7 Replies)

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What trees are these (10 Replies)

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Forest replant (8 Replies)

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thining's price per cubic metre

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Afforestation grant (3 Replies)

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Teagasc Forestry eNews (29 Replies)

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Kiln dry timber (7 Replies)

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Ash Dieback Disease (Chalara fraxinea) in Ireland (707 Replies)

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Life after Chalara (20 Replies)

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replanting obligation (forestry land forever) (42 Replies)

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Foliage testing (3 Replies)

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Equipment/machinery grants? (5 Replies)

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Chainsaw guide (9 Replies)

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Land transfer with joint management

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Biomass - Grants? (6 Replies)

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What trees are these (2 Replies)

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Cheapest place for Saplings (7 Replies)

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Private forests & Coillte (2 Replies)

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Ash 'coppicing'? (2 Replies)

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forestry land / planning / purchase/ near house (4 Replies)

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Buy Recently Felled Forestry Land (5 Replies)

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Quad for taking out thinnings (3 Replies)

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Ash Die Back- A post-apocalyptic landscape. (8 Replies)

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Impact of not thinning (7 Replies)

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