Ash Dieback Disease (Chalara fraxinea) in Ireland (653 Replies)

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Quad for taking out thinnings (2 Replies)

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Ash 'coppicing'?

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Cheapest place for Saplings (6 Replies)

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Ash Die Back- A post-apocalyptic landscape. (8 Replies)

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Impact of not thinning (7 Replies)

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Recommendations for Beech Hedge? (1 Reply)

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Forest Survey (8 Replies)

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Cofords newsletter "Forestry and Wood update" (3 Replies)

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The Olive Tree (film)

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Thinking of planting (6 Replies)

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Thining Question (9 Replies)

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The Cost of a helping hand (4 Replies)

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Lorry load of logs. What kind? How much? (41 Replies)

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New Chainsaw Chain (14 Replies)

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Minimum planting area (1 Reply)

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Distance of Coillte trees from house or house boundary (6 Replies)

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Joint Management Consent and tax

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Oak trees (14 Replies)

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Forestry (2 Replies)

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grant forms from year 5 on....? (2 Replies)

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estimated value of Spruce plantation? (4 Replies)

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Cancelling Turbary rights to claim forestry grants (6 Replies)

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How close can forestry be planted to my house? (3 Replies)

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Life after Chalara (10 Replies)

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