Save leitrim/forestry is ruining rural ireland (31 Replies)

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How much timber (trees) in a ton (5 Replies)

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Any recommendations for PTO Woodchipper

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Agro-forestry (7 Replies)

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Wood drying in this heat. Should i leave out over winter ? (1 Reply)

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where to buy thinnings for use as scout pioneering spars (8 Replies)

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forest for a amatuer movie shoot (8 Replies)

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When to burn (4 Replies)

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Splits and design cuts in Italian stone pine,

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Unusual tree. (2 Replies)

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grass and weed control (7 Replies)

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Glen Of The Downs, Wicklow

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Stihl Chainsaw cutting very large trunks - problem (1 Reply)

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Draining a very wet field (2 Replies)

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Looking to buy a pa95 mcconnell hedge cutter to put on my john deere 3640 any suggest (4 Replies)

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12 acres. Tree plan. (32 Replies)

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