Bassist available (3 Replies)

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Cork Drummer Looking For Original Band

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Musican Available (2 Replies)

Last post 05-Apr-2017 20:04 by NickMondo
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2 piece acoustic band for party on day after wedding (2 Replies)

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Bass player required (1 Reply)

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bass guitarist available (3 Replies)

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looking for musicians interested in setting up new band (1 Reply)

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drummer limerick.clare (3 Replies)

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Drummer Wanted In the west for busy popular band

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(Galway) Guitarist looking to Join/start Band (11 Replies)

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Trad duo/trio for wedding in donegal (1 Reply)

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Female Synth player/vocalist wanted (Dublin)

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Experienced Bass Player in Fethard on Sea, Wexford

Last post 01-Apr-2017 09:33 by soulman69
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guitarist and drummer/Perc looking for vocalist

Last post 01-Apr-2017 00:24 by Liamgtr
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Wanted !! Experienced male singer

Last post 31-Mar-2017 13:13 by alan62
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Drummer wanted for Wexford Roots Rock band (1 Reply)

Last post 31-Mar-2017 10:59 by Chris Edmonds
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Wanted - Jamming mates - little/no band experience - Dublin north (3 Replies)

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Acoustic guitarist / singer available (3 Replies)

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Drummer Wanted for original band (20 Replies)

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Musican available (3 Replies)

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Singer available (23, female, Dundalk) (1 Reply)

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Drummer Wanted - Balbriggan-Original alt rck (1 Reply)

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Dublin based rock drummer seeking band (9 Replies)

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Sax player available (1 Reply)

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Looking for Members (17-20) to form Blues Rock Band in Dublin

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