Guitar Player - Galway (9 Replies)

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Drummer wanted for Dublin Rock Band (3 Replies)

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Drummer and Bass Player Wanted Mayo (3 Replies)

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Violinist needed for Alternative music project 'Dublin city' (1 Reply)

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Violinist needed for Alternative music project 'Dublin city'

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Mandolin player looking for other folk musicians (2 Replies)

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Bad Manners Tribute (Members Needed) (17 Replies)

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Drummer needed. Originals. Dublin (6 Replies)

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Male Vocalist Required for Established band

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Rhthym Guitarist required for busy Disco/Funk/Pop band in Dublin (4 Replies)

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Guitarist Looking to Join band

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Female drummer available in Galway (14 Replies)

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Guitarist available (4 Replies)

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Drummer available in Galway city (9 Replies)

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Drummer available in Galway city (9 Replies)

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Drummer available Galway city! (1 Reply)

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Drummer wanted for dublin originals band (2 Replies)

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Saxophone player wanted (5 Replies)

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Galway Drummer available (1 Reply)

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Mayo Keyboards/piano player looking for work (1 Reply)

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Metal singer

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Bass And Accordion Or Fiddle Player Wanted (6 Replies)

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