Gamsat prep book wanted Dublin

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What are the options if one doesn't get a 2.1 ? (1 Reply)

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Cork Study Group?

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Irish application system - how does it work? (8 Replies)

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GEM at 30 (2 Replies)

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Previous GAMSAT Students - standard of ACER Practice Questions? (8 Replies)

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Gamsat prep courses (18 Replies)

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Current UL GEM student (45 Replies)

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GAMSAT 2016 Ireland (111 Replies)

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UCC 3rd and 4th year schedule.

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Grad Med Preparations in 6 months? (6 Replies)

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GAMSAT 2015 (601 Replies)

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How Did You Know You Wanted to be a Doctor (13 Replies)

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UL scholarship recipients/rejects HELP US :) (7 Replies)

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GEM loan applications (3 Replies)

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RCSI vs UCD GEM 2016 (12 Replies)

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GAMSAT Success (5 Replies)

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GEM 2016

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Gamsat 2016 Preparation Galway (4 Replies)

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Where to start? (4 Replies)

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