Fascinating book (14 Replies)

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Farm income tax. (1 Reply)

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What to do with an acre (7 Replies)

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Time of year for weaners (2 Replies)

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Plants for GLAS (14 Replies)

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12 acres with old cottage ruin (27 Replies)

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Farm Assist (1 Reply)

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smallholding (2 Replies)

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4 acre options (26 Replies)

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How much land will I need? (9 Replies)

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Think chicken: Think intelligent, caring and complex (1 Reply)

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Off Grid Solar systems. (6 Replies)

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Athenry Poultry Sale Cancelled this Month

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shed suppliers (4 Replies)

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Flock/Herd Number for Sheep (8 Replies)

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Rear tractor tyres low mileage (2 Replies)

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Keeping ducks

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keeping pigs (3 Replies)

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Organic hen keeping (17 Replies)

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Open to being taxed for selling more (1 Reply)

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Cooking apples (1 Reply)

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Wild Mushrooms - encourage growth in fields (21 Replies)

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Declare War on Waste

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[CLOSED] Need an introduction to small holdings (1 Reply)

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