stevie g's autobiog. (33 Replies)

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Champions League: Matchday 3 (69 Replies)

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Rule question (7 Replies)

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Staunton has been sacked (35 Replies)

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2006/2007 Football related arrested. (40 Replies)

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Stan to announce resignation at tea-time today? (394 Replies)

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Now that Staunton is officially gone, who would you like to see as manager? (14 Replies)

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Signed Man Utd Shirt Raffle for Charity

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Bend It Like............?? (20 Replies)

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Seting up your own league?? (6 Replies)

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206th Merseyside Derby (168 Replies)

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Robbie Keane on the Late Late show (100 Replies)

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Weekend Premiership Thread - 20th/21st (103 Replies)

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So you've replaced Stan as Ireland manager... (46 Replies)

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Monday Night Football (21 Replies)

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Alan Bennett (11 Replies)

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Ballon d'Or Shortlist (the one that matters!) (44 Replies)

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Serie A: Inter's defensive woes grow ahead of Reggina trip (8 Replies)

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Carnage in Spain Tonight. (24 Replies)

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Irish football this weekend (19-22/10/07) (80 Replies)

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Drogheda United : Champions of Ireland (25 Replies)

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Careful What You Post! (29 Replies)

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wtf, no Spanish football thread!? (1 Reply)

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Michael Maidens (1 Reply)

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women football commentators (6 Replies)

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