Big Winter Sale: Up to 30% off on All Accommodation Packages and Airport Car Parking

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Ireland's next opponents (1 Reply)

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Sad news from Brazil & S. Africa (7 Replies)

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Setanta Secure Lots Of International Away Games (14 Replies)

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Give Paul Jewell a job! (9 Replies)

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The Irish National team - how do you see it (38 Replies)

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Noone ever talks about Stevie Finnan.. (36 Replies)

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fifa WC draw (333 Replies)

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Best Manager in the World (44 Replies)

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Serie A wary after violence, Ronaldo poised (11 Replies)

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Premiership Weekend Thread - Back In Business (142 Replies)

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stephen hunt (19 Replies)

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Soccer Am - Piers Morgan (13 Replies)

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La Liga La Farleys Rusk (28 Replies)

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Good news for Ireland - James McCarthy (24 Replies)

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Div 1/ Premier Divison Playoff Thread (50 Replies)

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Smith backs Scotland's 2016 Euro Championship bid (3 Replies)

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Post Possible Qualifying Group For England, you decide (14 Replies)

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CL Reform 2009

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Home Nations Tournament Resurrection? (35 Replies)

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Are manangers let go to easily (11 Replies)

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Will the unthinkable (to them) happen England this weekend? (631 Replies)

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So then who to follow next summer? (103 Replies)

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Why is Wembley surface so bad (21 Replies)

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I need a team. (85 Replies)

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Euro 08 seedings announced.. (19 Replies)

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