Big Winter Sale: Up to 30% off on All Accommodation Packages and Airport Car Parking

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SPL Referees to strike (1 Reply)

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Irish football this weekend: 1-3/08/08 (67 Replies)

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Van Der Vaart to Madrid (21 Replies)

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Shelbourne - Celtic XI (216 Replies)

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eL transfer window thread (128 Replies)

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Brazilian Football (21 Replies)

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UEFA Cup Draw (66 Replies)

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Rooney spitting incident (24 Replies)

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Ireland WC2002 qualification DVD? (3 Replies)

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Poor Lilian Thuram (16 Replies)

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Is their a battle on for 4th place? (Last Year) (117 Replies)

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Soccer Board Beers - Date And Venue Confirmed (119 Replies)

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Spurs report ManYoo and Liverpool to PL for tapping up - SSN (93 Replies)

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Arshavin to Spurs (54 Replies)

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Champions League draw (third qualifying round) (51 Replies)

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Liverpool FC Have The Best Looking Fans (26 Replies)

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UEFA Cup First Round Qualifiers Second Leg (55 Replies)

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Blatter takes back "slave" comment

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Linfield Kit (15 Replies)

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Players and their "fan" clubs (50 Replies)

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These transfers are also possible.... (18 Replies)

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Transfers Coming and Goings Summer 2008 (21 Replies)

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Interesting take on Rafa's rotation (2 Replies)

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Italia sing Azzurro (1 Reply)

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Mourinho, benvenuto! (4 Replies)

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