[Wanted] Ticket for the Great Northern Getaway - Anyone living in Drogheda? (2 Replies)

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Any jobs going? (9 Replies)

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[CLOSED] When can I operate the emergency door release on a train? (13 Replies)

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Narrow gauge stock in Kilmacow (1 Reply)

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CIÉ looking for Planning permission for redevelopment of Kent station, Cork (76 Replies)

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Westrail/WISRA (9 Replies)

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Emerald Isle Explorer (18 Replies)

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Limerick Junction to Ennis with bikes (1 Reply)

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Galway to Athy train (4 Replies)

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Careline v Sandymount Level Crossing

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Waterford to New Ross to be revived (147 Replies)

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Mosney Loop Removed (10 Replies)

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Limerick, A trip down memory lane

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New Cork - Dublin Express launched (104 Replies)

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Return journey times with Irish Rail (5 Replies)

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First Class/City Gold on irish metals. (4 Replies)

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Translink Trains Operating South Of Newry (4 Replies)

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CAF MK4 in Dire need of refurbishment (121 Replies)

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Dart Inspector (5 Replies)

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Irish rail tickets

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Irish Rail Annual Report 2014 (32 Replies)

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Railway station locations (9 Replies)

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Active railway accident investigations (45 Replies)

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Belmond MK3's take shape (11 Replies)

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Inspection car on waterford to rosslare tomorrow! (6 Replies)

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