The all new, revised and easier quiz! (mod note posts 1 and 2042) (5,955 Replies)

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Grouse thread - mutter mutter (16 Replies)

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Computer questions you'd be embarrassed to ask any where else! (1,125 Replies)

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[CLOSED] Braces in your 40's (3 Replies)

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The Dearly departed.... (493 Replies)

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All ye oul wans and oul fellas out there! Wakey wakey, rise and shine! (9,594 Replies)

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Dentures (18 Replies)

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The Ould Smartphone - help! (2 Replies)

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Happy Birthday to you.... (60 Replies)

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What TV programmes are you watching? May contain SPOILERS. (101 Replies)

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Shopping without a list (41 Replies)

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Owlwans weekends and midweek away (2 Replies)

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Recently invented stuff that you have only just (or haven't yet) got the hang of. (34 Replies)

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Medical question (5 Replies)

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A question more for the Oulwans (13 Replies)

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Retirement Villages (7 Replies)

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Cheerful and content? Regrets? (16 Replies)

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Happy Christmas 2016 (6 Replies)

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Tape recorder karaoke thing (18 Replies)

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Secret Santa Gift for a 50something (7 Replies)

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Popular Beverages in 1960's Ireland? (8 Replies)

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The Ould Pension (64 Replies)

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Writing letters (35 Replies)

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