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Dreaded first day of Creche approaching- ADVICE NEEDED (1 Reply)

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May 2016 Babies Club (836 Replies)

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Where to buy kids clothes online? (7 Replies)

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Kaiser footmuff for maxi cosi cabriofix (19 Replies)

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Newborn twins - general advice (6 Replies)

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Crèche wanted doctor note (32 Replies)

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Christening Venues (1 Reply)

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At wits ends with 2 year old. (42 Replies)

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How to Get a 7 Month Old to Take Her Liquid Antibiotic? (16 Replies)

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Advent teats (1 Reply)

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Child minder cost (10 Replies)

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Creches in kilkenny

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Four month old starting formula (5 Replies)

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Osteopath Recommendations in Dublin, Louth, East Meath? (8 Replies)

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Potential Down Syndrome Diagnosis - Result Negative (44 Replies)

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Recommend me a High/Booster Chair (16 Replies)

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New double buggy or convert existing one (9 Replies)

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Anyone worried about sending kids back to preschool next week with the flu outbreak? (3 Replies)

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Ear pinning/ ear splints? (2 Replies)

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Chicken pox vaccine South Dublin (7 Replies)

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Holiday with 7 month old (16 Replies)

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