Medicine (8 Replies)

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*** HPAT and Medicine 2017 *** (81 Replies)

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Malarone ..

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Platinum HPAT preparation course - any takers for discount?

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HPAT 2018 - Need a group member (16 Replies)

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Clinical embryologist (1 Reply)

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Is Medicine the right course if I want a career in research? (18 Replies)

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Mental health nursing

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Starting USMLE post medical school

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Medicine in Poland (4 Replies)

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Hpat 2018 M**E****- Group member needed (2 Replies)

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Phlebotomy (1 Reply)

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UL graduate entry - OT and SLT (6 Replies)

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Becoming an Acupuncturist in Ireland 2014 (5 Replies)

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2017 internship match rates (3 Replies)

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Dropping off GP Scheme (7 Replies)

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HPAT 2018

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Guinness and babies (2 Replies)

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HPAT Vs The Leaving Cert. Posts moved from LC results thread (203 Replies)

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Graduate Entry Medicine- Limerick thread (10 Replies)

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Physiotherapy Job Propects (15 Replies)

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How can I learn more about medicine as a secondary school student? (5 Replies)

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HPAT 2018 preparation

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