HPAT 2019 ******** Discount

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IELTS for medical doctors in IE

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GEM UL Queries (1 Reply)

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What is Kangen water? Con or not? (5 Replies)

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Conversion courses

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HSE (2 Replies)

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Nursing conversion courses Ireland

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Nursing conversion course

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General Nursing Career Opportunities (4 Replies)

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Job outlook in psychiatry (2 Replies)

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Any tips to get a first class honours in Medicine?

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Medical Science ASCP

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Can an ID (intellectual disability) nurse work as a SNA (special needs assistant) in (1 Reply)

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Pros/Cons of Different Med Schools (48 Replies)

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Current thinking in psychology/psychotherapy & training recommendations?

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Peadiatric nursing as a career? (1 Reply)

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midwifery (2 Replies)

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MSc Clinical Laboratory Science in DIT (2 Replies)

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Pregnancy (2 Replies)

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Colaiste Ide Pre-University physiotherapy (1 Reply)

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Appointment waiting 24mths away (3 Replies)

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Radiography/Medical Imaging - mature student? (14 Replies)

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Lay of the Land

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Biomedical scientists working in Ireland (10 Replies)

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