Gambling Survey (for a college thesis) (13 Replies)

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[Survey] Food and drink survey

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Nutrition Research - 10 Dublin Based Subjects Needed (1 Reply)

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Statistical project on terrible movies that are so terrible they're… good. (2 Replies)

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[College work] Survey on Leaving Cert Students

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Survey on Facebook usage

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College Survey on Gambling Habits

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[Survey] Issues that businesses face

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[College work] Wanted: Foster Care service users for short, informal chat for research project

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[College work] PhD Research: Quick Survey for People Aged 50 - 75

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Smartphone Addiction Survey (2 Replies)

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In need of research participants! (4 Replies)

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[Survey] Online Privacy Survey (6 Replies)

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Tell us your story about Dublin! (1 Reply)

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[College work] Chipotle Mexican Grill survey (1 Reply)

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[Survey] Wet floor sign research (1 Reply)

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[College work] Shoes, Your Friends & the Internet

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[Survey] Computer repair study Survey

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[College work] Attitudes to Poverty

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[Survey] Online Education

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Survey exploring members experiences of support groups for mental health (3 Replies)

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[College work] Survey to be completed for masters

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[College work] Irish people's image and perception of Lithuania

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IMPORTANT- Disability & Mental Health (1 Reply)

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Waiting list- the story behind the list (1 Reply)

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