Olive Breen nee Dier, Co Wexford (1 Reply)

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The Somme 1916 (35 Replies)

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Can I get WW1 medals reissued? (18 Replies)

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26 County Casualties of the Great War

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Looking to Identify the Unit and Period (2 Replies)

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Irish priests in WW1 (15 Replies)

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Irish soldiers in WW1 (21 Replies)

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Grand Uncles WW1 Medals sold at auction (1 Reply)

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Irish Statistics of the Great War (12 Replies)

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Irish Soldiers at the Battle of Rorke's Drift (25 Replies)

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Battle of Jutland (10 Replies)

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Units of distance used in British War Diary? (3 Replies)

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‘From Sackville Street to Salonika and the Somme’

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Dublin Branch Western Front Society presents:

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Curragh WW1 Training trenches (5 Replies)

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Medical requirements for enlisting during WWI (7 Replies)

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FutureLearn : WW1 Aviation (1 Reply)

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Irish Women in WW1 (7 Replies)

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"Conspiracy Event" in Lwow/Lviv 1932? (8 Replies)

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Essex man in Royal Munster Fusiliers (4 Replies)

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Trenches in kilworth (12 Replies)

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Has anybody visited Gallipoli? (30 Replies)

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Merchant Navy - WW1 (27 Replies)

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