Pixie - An Update at Last (38 Replies)

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Dead as a Dodo (72 Replies)

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Pix.ie Supporters (5 Replies)

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Bulk Download

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50,000 views (139 Replies)

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Flickr over Pixie again?

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Can't create a Pix.ie album... (2 Replies)

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Widgets (3 Replies)

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Photo of the year - 2014

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When I vote a picture 5 * it only gives a 1* (3 Replies)

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Can't upload files (22 Replies)

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Pix.ie on Windows Phone

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Pix.ie is HUGE! (3 Replies)

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Can't log in. (2 Replies)

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Can't login or recover password (4 Replies)

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Not getting verification email for new account (4 Replies)

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Voting on Pixie seems to be broken?

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Pixie won't upload more then 1 picture at a time... (14 Replies)

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Tweet button below pictures isn't working (6 Replies)

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Pictures are opening slowly? (8 Replies)

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Doesn't make sense again (2 Replies)

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Pixie down last 20 minutes (2 Replies)

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Deactivate Account (6 Replies)

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Scrolling (2 Replies)

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Traffics Statistics? (3 Replies)

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