Form 12 - Rent Credit

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No vat on invoice (11 Replies)

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Self Employment to Employee (3 Replies)

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Can i have payments made to someone else to avoid tax? (2 Replies)

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Sole trader paying a sub contractor (4 Replies)

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Married Couple Tax Credits (40 Replies)

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Tax responsibilities for software consultancy with only two owners / employees (2 Replies)

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JB, HRI & salary bonus question (3 Replies)

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HRI Query

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Married couple tax (3 Replies)

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pension and tax (1 Reply)

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Home Carer's Tax Credit and Jobseeker's Allowance (2 Replies)

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Is waiting for the P60 really necessary? (8 Replies)

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Health Insurance Allowance (3 Replies)

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1 day of temporary casual work (1 Reply)

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P21 v forum12 (6 Replies)

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Tax (15 Replies)

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Tax Advice for Irish Expat Living in Vietnam (2 Replies)

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Share Valuation Panel - Misc questions on how it works. (2 Replies)

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VAT clawback after de-registration? Company dissolved

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Fuel card tax implications (3 Replies)

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Claiming back Tax/USC (5 Replies)

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Tax Refund timing (9 Replies)

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Overpaying Tax ( I think) (2 Replies)

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