Fragrance splits #2: Creed / Amouage / Hermes / Atelier Cologne (61 Replies)

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Sexism you have personally experienced or have heard of? *READ POST 1* (6,169 Replies)

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Mens Rights Thread (3,109 Replies)

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Men's Health Forum in Ireland (MHFI) information (93 Replies)

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Is he normal or wrong (29 Replies)

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Tom Ford Tuscan Leather fragrance split €55/30ml. Updated 13/3 post 19 - second split (69 Replies)

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mental health and distractions (2 Replies)

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Anyone know this aftershave? (6 Replies)

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"Irish men are wimps. They need to man up!" (Alive free Catholic monthly newspaper) (59 Replies)

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tGC Easy on the Eye Thread NO NSFW Image PICS ONLY - NO CHAT - NO GIFS. (3,276 Replies)

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Is this nightclub being sexist (121 Replies)

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vasectomy (507 Replies)

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Best Place Online To Buy Aftershave (2 Replies)

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That walnut sized organ: the Prostate (80 Replies)

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Hair transplant diary (ongoing) (80 Replies)

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Graying at 19. (21 Replies)

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Irish women's reactions to non-drinking men? (199 Replies)

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Genuine Equality - Vision of the Future (18 Replies)

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Propecia in Ireland (5 Replies)

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Shave for an interview? (30 Replies)

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Cholesterol tablets (8 Replies)

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"Man Up" campaign by SafeIreland (534 Replies)

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