which samsung 3d glasses are best

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Probably a silly question but ..... (5 Replies)

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cabling question

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LG 42LV550T or Panasonic TX-L42E30B (4 Replies)

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Broken tv by wii remote (1 Reply)

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Panansonic 42' and PS3, Help Needed (1 Reply)

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connecting tv to stereo query (10 Replies)

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Where in Limerick to get VHS converted to DVD?

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Mitsubishi black diamond bds2846ws (2 Replies)

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fm aerial doesnt fit

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TV Screen (LCD) broken. How much to repair?

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Query on TV and Blueray package (3 Replies)

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PC Speakers Advice (1 Reply)

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Optical Audio in Home Cinema on a Budget?

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VGA to HDMI - Possible (2 Replies)

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LG tv won't turn on until a certain length of time! (1 Reply)

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42'' LED LG TV

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Digital radio (1 Reply)

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Surrounding sounds..... (3 Replies)

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Sony Wifi USB for TV

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LG 42PW451 3d glasses question (2 Replies)

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Media Player that does not need wifi

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Is this TV good enough for Sports & PS3? (1 Reply)

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Normal TV v TV Monitor with TV Tuner (1 Reply)

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Sony vs Samsung (9 Replies)

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