Returning to college and fees

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Financial support - Education

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Susi Unfair 3 year break

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Susi Grant and Job Seekers Allowance.

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SUSI eligibility - part-time courses?

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Back to Education Assistance

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BTEA and part time work (3 Replies)

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Contactless funds not being taken for 5 days (3 Replies)

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undertaking a 2nd undergrad coursw (2 Replies)

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BTEA and Registration Fees. (1 Reply)

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PTEO (Part Time Education Option) and Private College

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Overpaid Trainee-ship grant

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Mature student - looking for advise (1 Reply)

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Continuing BTEA during summer internship? (11 Replies)

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Buying Shares and Susi (1 Reply)

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How to find out if 'appeal to the board' re susi grant submitted ok? (1 Reply)

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Can I get BTEA even though I already have a degree? (2 Replies)

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Special Rate Grant (1 Reply)

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SUSI gave me the wrong rate? (3 Replies)

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Money, Money, Money

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Susi grant 2016 (19 Replies)

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SUSI Maintenance Grant and work (2 Replies)

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Realistic Cost of Living (2 Replies)

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Payment Dates for Undergraduate lvl 7 courses (1 Reply)

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