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The children of the night, what sweet music they make (3,241 Replies)

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Nocturnal Nerds (2,867 Replies)

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Weird high pitched whistling in Ballymun, Dublin?

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Easy On The Eye Thread (rules in Post #1) (357 Replies)

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Four legged friends of the Nocturnal Forum! (26 Replies)

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Know your Nocturnals*No posts without a pic!*DO NOT POST WITHOUT READING FIRST POST! (1,230 Replies)

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[CLOSED] Cygnus Central (Lair Thread) (10,048 Replies)

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Things to help sleep (5 Replies)

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LPA Pool Cup, cuid a dó (1,550 Replies)

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The share your creativity thread (430 Replies)

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Answer a question, with a question, part 2...aka Dave (1,340 Replies)

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