PSNI Recruitment 1710 Campaign (6,684 Replies)

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2018 Campaign (121 Replies)

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PSNI staff recruitment 2017 (1,049 Replies)

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PSNI Recruitment - Stage 4 - The Medical (4,844 Replies)

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PSNI Recruitment 2017 (2,079 Replies)

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Sept 18 Calls and Deferred (15 Replies)

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Psni (3 Replies)

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PSNI Recruitment - Stage 3 - Vetting (3,647 Replies)

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August 18 Calls (197 Replies)

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Psni educational requirements

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Educational qualifications from ROI. (3 Replies)

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Transfer to psni (4 Replies)

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Starting in Garnerville soon? Read this: (1,128 Replies)

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PSNI Recruitment 1509 Campaign (7,705 Replies)

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2 years in the job (55 Replies)

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PSNI Recruitment FAQ's (2 Replies)

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Catholic joining from the Republic (3 Replies)

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PSNI Recruitment - Stage 2 - The Assessment Centre (5,917 Replies)

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Recruitment: Border Force Officer & Assistant Border Force Officer (5 Replies)

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Belfast International Airport Police Recruitment (70 Replies)

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PCA/Fitness test (3,056 Replies)

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2018/2019 recruitment????? (7 Replies)

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PSNI - Questions and concerns in GV and the job (73 Replies)

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April intake

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January Intake (77 Replies)

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