Random Impromptuesque Zoo (4 Replies)

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American Cars Show Sun 7th Sep, Kilbeggan, Westmeath (8 Replies)

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Peoples Photography - 30th & 31st August 2008 (226 Replies)

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How was it for you? (10 Replies)

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Beers after peoples photography - Saturday 30th (13 Replies)

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Places in Dublin (9 Replies)

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Roll call for peoples photography (11 Replies)

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Beer Plz (Sat 23 Aug) (25 Replies)

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Photographic Treasure Hunt - Sunday 24th Aug (7 Replies)

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Meet in Kerry (54 Replies)

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17-08-08 Johnstown: Steam Rally (2 Replies)

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Mini trip to Dublin Zoo (109 Replies)

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Next Boards Outing, August 08

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South & South-East Meetup (28 Replies)

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Beginner Yank photographer looking for a good place journey (15 Replies)

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Terenure 6th July - Vintage cars (6 Replies)

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sunpak 555

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next boards photography day out in dublin, when? (7 Replies)

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Fleadh Cheoil na hEireann (2 Replies)

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Straffan Butterfly Farm (64 Replies)

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European Beach Challenge, June 20-22 Youghal (7 Replies)

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Street Performance World Championships (20 Replies)

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Athlone Boat Club Regatta (3 Replies)

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Kitesurfing - Round 3 of the 2008 Irish Championships (20 Replies)

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