identify this tree (4 Replies)

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Recommend gardner/landscaper dublin please.

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Eucalyptus Snow Gum (5 Replies)

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ibc for rain water collection (17 Replies)

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Brown leaves, or brown edging, on beech trees (6 Replies)

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Maggot infestation (2 Replies)

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Outdoor Daisy Plant (2 Replies)

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stable manure and cabbage plants.

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metal ballustrades for decking

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Raised bed ideas (9 Replies)

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This is a long shot... but someone might be able to help... (21 Replies)

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Moving Perrenial Flowers (1 Reply)

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irish gaden bulbs (1 Reply)

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Foraging (6 Replies)

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Tractor Mower problem.. (4 Replies)

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Fescue lawn been overgrown by Rye/Wild Grass

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Buy hedging near the Horse and Jockey, Tipperary? (4 Replies)

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what to do with lawn (5 Replies)

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Preparing soil for grass (1 Reply)

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Wondering about 'natural' gardening tips (3 Replies)

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Slugs eating my Potatoes (1 Reply)

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Help me understand what I need in a lawnmower! (11 Replies)

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dog friendly garden (2 Replies)

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Too early too cut hedges?? (1 Reply)

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