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July 30 - East Coast Shooting Club - National Competition (2 Replies)

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The Passing of a Legend (1 Reply)

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[CLOSED] This Weekend's Competitions/Events - 2017 (4 Replies)

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[CLOSED] Moderator Warning regarding NASRPC/GRPAI/Harbour house dispute.

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Sourcing first 22lr - Beretta 87 Target (3 Replies)

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Upcoming competitions 2017 (1 Reply)

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Topshot - August 6th - Offaly RGC shoot - MNSCI

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STAGS - July 30th - MNSCI

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Bullseye 360 - July 22nd - MNSCI

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Target Shooting - Midlands (9 Replies)

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Are sniper rifles legal in ireland? (9 Replies)

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Ireland Win both Gallery Rifle World Cups and both Individual World Champions (4 Replies)

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Grand power k22 Xtrim .22lr pistol (5 Replies)

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July 6/7/8/9 - 2017 IGRF World Cup & NASRPC Irish Open - MNSCI (10 Replies)

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NRBAI .22lr Benchrest Video (2 Replies)

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E.C.S.C. Open 9th July

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Ruger mark 4 or S&W 22 Victory (9 Replies)

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Speed loader (19 Replies)

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June 24/25 - Fermoy Rifle Club - National Competition (1 Reply)

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International Festival of Target Shooting Sports 2017 (2 Replies)

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GRPAI National Competition Saturday 17th June at Harbour House Sports Club

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Modern sporing rifle/Ar 15 platform Variations (10 Replies)

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Weekend of Shooting at AnRiocht (9 Replies)

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