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23-04-2007, 11:55   #1
Mark 00
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The Ray D'Arcy Show Thread - Mod note Post # 1 Updated

Is anybody getting tired of the Ray D'arcy show. well not so much the show but rather him and his moral highground. If i'm looking for an opinionated gobs**te, there are plenty of other shows. His show used to be just about havin a laugh and not takin things too seriously but in the last year or so he cant seem to talk about anything without giving a big opinionated spiel about whats right, (coz if its his opinion, then obviously it has to be right). Bring back the old days when he used to brighten up our mornings.

Mod Note:

There is no reason to discuss the presenters personal life here. This thread is to do with the Radio Show itself and not the private life of Ray D'Arcy. Anyone found to be dragging threads off topic will incur at least a ban for 24 hours


Mod Note 2:
What this thread is about; it's to talk about the show but if all people are willing to provide is a bucket of bile and a mob opinion of negativity I'd suggest that they are in the wrong place because this is not 4Chan...


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23-04-2007, 12:10   #2
Ronan H
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I swear im not stalking you Mark!

Something has been bugging me about the show for the last while i have to say. Im not sure that its his opinion on things but theres definitely something there that has started getting to me, possibly the amount of time they waste on pointless stuff...not 100% sure though.

And seeing as its on the radio as i type, the Ray Foley show drives me up the walls. I cant stand the way Ray Foley waffles on about stuff, and i know "Its only a bit of fun for your lunchtime..." but sometimes i think people want to listen to things that actually occupy their minds a bit more than what town in Ireland produces the most lightbulb filaments etc... FFS

*** walks to radio and switches to Q102 ***

Filament Head
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23-04-2007, 14:38   #3
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Originally Posted by Head

*** walks to radio and switches to Q102 ***
Don't! Switch to Phantom 105.2 !!!
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23-04-2007, 14:41   #4
Mr E
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Enjoyed the show last week when Tom Dunne was presenting..... (alot more than usual) - better music than usual, and lots of laughs.
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23-04-2007, 14:46   #5
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Darcy never did much for me. Prefer Newstalk or Radio one at that time. Ray Foleys show can be ok but same music on it all the time.
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23-04-2007, 14:48   #6
Mr Magnolia
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Originally Posted by TmB
Enjoyed the show last week when Tom Dunne was presenting..... (alot more than usual) - better music than usual, and lots of laughs.

Yeah, great easy listening. He's very good.

I was stuck listening to Phil Cawley in the mornings, Ann-Marie was covering Tomm Dunne, ended up listening to NewsTalk highlights - wasn't bad.
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23-04-2007, 14:53   #7
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He is starting to turn in to a young Joe Duffy. The whole '..well Im not saying Im great or anything but I think/know that xyz is totally out of order...' routine was always a bit boring. He just gets worse and worse though. Grumpy old men how are you. Imagine he came from the Den where they spent the whole day laughing. Phantom is not the shining light it once was either. The English guy doing the afternoon show is painful. As for Phil Cawley - its like an american TV show with canned laughter. Fake and a funny colour.

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23-04-2007, 14:54   #8
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Tom Dunne was ridiculously good. far superior to D'arcy. Was laughing my head off on the bus on the way in to work. Dunne's so witty and so quick it's hilarious. D'arcy is being way too political in my opinion which is putting me off - he nearly had an orgasm about Bertie coming in for an interview and then always going on about Enda's so bad etc. I'm not voting for either of them by the way but it just sticks in my gut that he's being so impartial.
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23-04-2007, 14:58   #9
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R'Arcy has always annoyed me. He tries to think he is a student again or something and is not even funny. If you are looking for decent talk with a laugh then Sean Moncrief (on NewsTalk) is good.

Ever since the Ray D'Arcy show started winning awards and topping polls they seem to be letting it all go to their head and started having a conscience, which is never good for silly talk radio show.
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23-04-2007, 16:23   #10
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Never been a huge fan of him on the radio. Does anyone else find the way he reads out texts extremely annoying? Just the tone of voice he uses is irritating.
When some band has played all the texts read "oh my god ray, so and so is such a legend".
It's like people who text into the show actually think they're his friend.
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23-04-2007, 17:22   #11
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I only started listening recently due to a change of job. He's alright, better than gerry ryan thats for sure. Have to say Tom dunne was excellent last week. He'd do well to move as I find his evening show needs an makeover
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23-04-2007, 17:28   #12
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I tuned in this morning but if there's anything worse than having to listen to people telling you about the dream they had last night or a parent prattling on about their new baby it is someone going on and on about a dream they had about their new baby!

I tuned out quick!
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23-04-2007, 17:29   #13
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I'm a big fan of the D'Arcy show BUT..... his show has undergone some changes recently, what with half his team getting pregnant and going on maternity leave. I agree he can be a little grumpy/patronising at times. Still though he makes for an entertaining listen and he does sometimes hit the political nail on the head e.g. drink driving

Tom Dunne was ridiculously good last week, I never knew he could be so funny. He always seems a lot more serious on his evening show.

Also I think the producer had the hots for Dunne judging but the constant giggly girly replies to any of his amusing anecdotes.

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23-04-2007, 17:36   #14
fish fingers
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tom dunne was very witty last week alright. i was kinda dissapointed when i heard darcy this morning
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23-04-2007, 17:46   #15
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Ray D'Arcy

The Ray D'Arcy show has definitely gone downhill in recent months. If you want to hear somebody go on about every single experience with their new child, this is top listening but for the other 99.5% of us, it's getting boring.
The difference when Tom Dunne was in last week was huge - he had fun, and it was great to listen to. Yes, Tom referred to his own kid, but usually only when prompted by listeners/texters, not as content matter for the show itself.
I was left thinking "why can't Tom Dunne be on before 7pm", cos he did so well at it, and "Off The Ball" on Newstalk claims my ears on the drive home...
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