I have had ongoing problems with this washing machine last January I was getting a door code the machine would run the cycle and then I couldnt open the door the door itself clicks into place and isnt faulty. I didnt overpack the machine either. Anyway, I got the people out (that I bought the machine from) in Feb to fix it I think it was the display screen and error codes that was causing a problem. Last week I put another wash on and the same thing is happening again it went a 1.18 wash and went as far as 12 mins then flashing door it didnt spin the clothes properly either I managed to get them out.
I get it an empty run today to check if I had maybe overpacked but it did the same thing again on an empty drum. Because I had the shop out to look at the machine in Feb I feel I shouldnt be charged a call out fee again it cost €60 the last time and I dont want to have to pay again after it going on me after 3 months I have had the machine for nearly 3 years. I'm looking at the invoice that was sent in Feb it says something like " freed brush" so got charged €60 for a call out and to do that don't want to be paying that if every couple of months hes coming out just to move some brush on my machine.