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26-03-2012, 05:32   #1
Pride Fighter
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The Big Bang Theory

Knock knock, moderator
Knock knock, moderator
Knock knock, moderator

I have been watching this brilliant show for the first time and think it is absolutely brilliant. I used the search function and did not see another thread here for a forum request. I think it is worthy of its own forum. There are fora that are not that busy and I think TBBT would be very busy.

So any support for this?
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26-03-2012, 07:14   #2
Closed Account
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i agree with this....
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26-03-2012, 07:21   #3
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Even though I've been following this show from the start and love it I don't really see the need.
But that's just me.

Each season has a massive thread in TV forum so I suppose there is an interest.
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26-03-2012, 23:00   #4
Princess Peach
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I would say -1. Love the show but comedy sitcoms rarely need their own forum.
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26-03-2012, 23:05   #5
Millionaire Oppressor
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Originally Posted by Princess Peach View Post
I would say -1. Love the show but comedy sitcoms rarely need their own forum.
I agree. Great show, but a forum of its own is unnecessary imo. -1
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27-03-2012, 14:39   #6
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Sitcoms dont need their own forums, there's not enough to discuss.
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27-03-2012, 14:42   #7
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Considering it's already on the downslope from its highs, -1.
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27-03-2012, 16:16   #8
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People are already losing interest in it. Forum will be empty in around 4-6 weeks after creation if even.
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27-03-2012, 22:43   #9
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+1 from me.
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27-03-2012, 22:46   #10
Stuck Cone
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The physics may be theoretical but the fun is real
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28-03-2012, 01:03   #11
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OP is not a true fan, he's missing a knock. -1 btw
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28-03-2012, 01:13   #12
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I watch it quite reguarly too.....my housmeates however don't enjoy it as much and claim that only nerds enjoy watching the show?!Hmmmmm
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25-04-2012, 16:49   #13
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one of the best shows in the world but , like the walking dead ,(which is dreadful)it is a tv show and does not need a forum dedicated to it
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25-04-2012, 18:26   #14
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The threads don't get a huge amount of traffic, a forum is unnecessary.
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25-04-2012, 21:54   #15
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It's all down hill in the fourth season.


Never would have guessed that Sheldon is 39!
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