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18-01-2012, 03:23   #121
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Not being able to choose what you want to eat from a take away!
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18-01-2012, 03:31   #122
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Its frickin raining outside
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18-01-2012, 04:17   #123
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Tesco self service changing a 50 with fivers.
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18-01-2012, 12:52   #124
Capt'n Midnight
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18-01-2012, 13:19   #125
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Whenever I look at those children starving in Africa I always get so sad... I mean, why can't I be that skinny?
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18-01-2012, 13:28   #126
Teyla Emmagan
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Originally Posted by Coeurdepirate View Post
Whenever I look at those children starving in Africa I always get so sad... I mean, why can't I be that skinny?
G'wan Mariah!
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18-01-2012, 14:03   #127
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Having to get up in the morning to go to stupid work.
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18-01-2012, 14:07   #128
Mr Benevolent
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Originally Posted by Deus Ex Machina View Post
The phrase "first world problems" is enough to boil my piss. I hate it. It is so smug and pathetic. I want to add the problem of a broken jaw to the top of anyone's list if I hear them joke around about their "first world problems".
It's meant to sound pathetic. What part of the phrase' first world problems' aren't you getting? We have it easy compared to a lot of people, that's the point.

PS: Boiling piss is a useful whitener for fabrics.
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18-01-2012, 14:31   #129
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I'm not finished my pint yet and the people I'm with have bought me another one...
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18-01-2012, 14:36   #130
Dun laoire
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It annoys the hell out of me when the frother for the nespresso coffe maker doesn't froth the milk properly. Major problem!
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18-01-2012, 15:32   #131
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Or when you go to have a nespresso and all that's left is the decaffinated...WTF? Then you have to pay an extra 10euro on line in order to get the fast delivery of new, drinkable coffee pods!!!

Or when you're on the golf course and break you're 'unbreakable' tee!!
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18-01-2012, 18:08   #132
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First world problems well I wouldn't consider Ireland a first world country but it is a developed country, the problems here are suicide, mental and pyschological difficulties, family breakdown and dysfunction, lonliness, lack of culture and self identity, lack of moral spiritual guidance and addictions.
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18-01-2012, 18:12   #133
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Having to use a self service till.
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18-01-2012, 18:18   #134
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i'm uncomfortably full... i had too much to eat.
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18-01-2012, 18:21   #135
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I am sick of drinking.
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