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30-04-2011, 18:46   #31
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"Seven" was a thrilling and suspenseful crime crescendo

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"A Simple Plan" was a smart almost indie-thriller. Not quite the mystery that Mystic River was or anything, but very character based. Haven't seen it in a good while, should try pick it up.

"Memento" really is the front runner though.
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01-05-2011, 22:33   #33
The Pontiac
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Two good mystery thrillers..


In the Valley of Elah...

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02-05-2011, 02:14   #34
Dr. Fell
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Originally Posted by longshanks View Post
Maybe have yourself a search for 'lone star'.
While you're at it have a look for 'stander'.
Was going to recommend Lone Star. One of the best films of the 90's
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02-05-2011, 02:23   #35
Dr. Fell
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The original Dutch/French "The Vanishing"
The terrifying French "Them"
Speilbergs "Duel"
The original "The Day of the Jackal"
Southern Comfort
Rear Window
Marathon Man
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List threads are against charter and this one has run its course. Locked.
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